Blue Mountains True Blue

Only 90 minutes from Sydney, the scenery of the Blue Mountains is truly jaw dropping. See canyons, valleys, huge vertical sandstone cliffs and any number of beautiful waterfalls trickling slowly over ancient eroded escarpments. The Blue Mountains is an Australian tourist Mecca & with that in mind we keep one step ahead of the crowd. Our experienced tour guides take you away from the crowds in our small tour vehicles to see places other companies cannot access. We give you the very best private tour so you can truly appreciate the Blue Mountains in all their splendor. See some of Australia’s plethora of unique flora and fauna and to get an understanding of Australia outside of the Concrete Jungle.

Wildlife Park

We like to begin our day with a guided visit to the Featherdale Wildlife Park, Sydney’s premier wildlife experience showcasing Australia’s fascinating and unique animals. Here we also give you some free time so you can hand feed the friendly Kangaroos and Wallabies (feed included) or gently pat Koalas & get yourself a souvenir photo with them (extra cost). Enroute to the Blue Mountains, Featherdale provides you with a hands on Australian wildlife experience before we take you into stunning natural beauty of the Blue Mountains.

Leura Village

Of all the charming Blue Mountains villages we pass through, Leura, famous for its flowering gardens, is considered the most beautiful of all. From Leura, we take the scenic road to see the iconic Three Sisters.

The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters is without doubt the most iconic landmark in the Blue Mountains. A unique rock formation that sits proudly overlooking the stunning Jamison Valley. Learn about the Aboriginal dreamtime stories recounting how this famous rock formation was created.

Guided walk in the Blue Mountains National Park

Home to some of the best hiking trails in all of Australia, the walks we offer are tailored to suit our client’s fitness level. Our aim is always to make your day as enjoyable as possible! We show you the very best of the Blue Mountains including tranquil waterfalls, temperate rainforests, unique plants, animals, stunning cliffs and valley vistas throughout the day, without making you feel like you are at boot camp!

Learn about the local flora & fauna

The mega biodiversity of Blue Mountains National Park makes it the perfect place to get an understanding of Australia’s unique species of flora and fauna. Your knowledgeable guide will bring the Blue Mountains National Park to life by pointing out the incredible array of plants and animals found there.

Restaurant Lunch included

Relax and enjoy a delicious 2 course lunch in one of the Mountains best restaurants with a view over the magnificent valleys.

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